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Feature Article
Empowering Wellness: Interview with Lorna VanderhaegheEmpowering Wellness: Interview with Lorna VanderhaegheLiberty CraigInterview with Lorna Vanderhaeghe Photographed by Erich Saide Produced & Styled by Crystal Carson So here’s a story: A single mother of four starts a nutritional supplement business out of her garage, then another, and another, mortgaging everything she has to make it work, and winds up blowing the lid off the simmering discontent that is the stew of women’s health concerns. Frustrated with mainstream medicine, women begin turning in droves to the solutions and information offered by this formidable, pioneering force. Thus is born Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions, named by Profit Magazine the 35th fastest growing company in Canada in 2013, and in 2014 acquired by vitamin colossus Jamieson Laboratories. By now a grandmother of eight, Vanderhaeghe remains committed to her passion, using nutrition as medicine, and her goal: to reach, educate and empower as many women as possible to take control of their health and their lives....Read More >>
Additional Articles
The Vitamin A Infusion PeelThe Vitamin A Infusion PeelAmanda Beisel Restore, Remodel and Rejuvenate When we hear the word “peel,” we tend to immediately think “chemical peel,” but in the past few years, new approaches to peeling and rejuvenating the skin have emerged. One of the most effective and innovative of these is the vitamin...Read More >>
Counting My Blessings This New YearCounting My Blessings This New YearDr. Kelvin MahAs 2016 begins, I want to thank all of my patients for another great year! Earlier this month, I took some time to reflect on the wonderful year we had here at Smile City Square Dental. I truly have an amazing team of colleagues who...Read More >>
Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411Crystal JensenTips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! Face It It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, and Indeed Laboratories’ “Retinol Reface” gives triple action protection to help fight the signs of aging. I love the moisture it provided...Read More >>
Learn More Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter! Learn More Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter!Rebecca Coleman(plus an award-winning recipe for Healthy Breakfast Cookies) Shorter days, darkness and rain. Colds and flus. It’s that time of the year! And inevitably, if one person in your family gets sick, it’ll infect the entire crew. How can you keep your family healthy and...Read More >>
Are You Collaborating OR Competing?Are You Collaborating OR Competing?Jennifer Henczel3 Tips for Building a Collaborative Community While there has been a lot of buzz about various strategies for building your online presence, which is important, we cannot forget the importance of offline strategies and building our presence in our local community. I have found...Read More >>
New Year Resolutions, Start-Overs and  Do-OversNew Year Resolutions, Start-Overs and Do-OversConnie PretulaAccording to statistics, nearly half of us made New Year’s resolutions and fewer than 10% will actually achieve them. Ouch! Grim odds for anyone who pledged to improve their health in 2016. Yes, those age-old resolutions to get fit, eat better and lose weight are...Read More >>
5 Ways to Stop the War with Food and Your Body5 Ways to Stop the War with Food and Your...Samantha SkellyYou might think that food is the problem, but that’s far from the truth—it’s a much deeper and darker emotional issue. “I just want to eat like a normal person.” “I want to stop fighting food all the time and eat for health...Read More >>
Emotional MetamorphosisEmotional MetamorphosisHolly Decker Imperfection IS BEAUTIFUL. “I wanted to honour the beauty, resilience and power in women coming through the other side of a dark time. There can be so much beauty even in the deepest struggles we face, and what emerges when we overcome these is the...Read More >>
The Challenges, Business and World of SexThe Challenges, Business and World of Sex Maureen McGrathAs a child, I never imagined I would grow up and become a sex educator. Of course, sex was never even discussed in my Irish Catholic family, although some must have been going on as I did grow up with six siblings! It was taboo...Read More >>