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Feature Article
The Whys Behind the Dos and Donts: Breast AugmentationThe Whys Behind the Dos and Don'ts: Breast AugmentationFresh VancouverThere are more than a few "dos and donts" of breast augmentation out there, both online and in your surgeon's office. These tips and guidelines are generally universal, but many people aren't sure why they matter. DO stop smoking at least 2 months before surgery. Why? Besides the obvious effects on your lungs and respiratory function, smoking affects other systems of your body, as well. Nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes increase blood pressure and make it more difficult for your blood vessels to transfer oxygen to your organs. Using tobacco products thickens blood and increases the risk of blood clots; it also undermines your immune system and makes you more susceptible to post-surgical infections. Surgeons generally recommend quitting smoking for at least 2 months before surgery — but the sooner you can stop, the better. (This doesn't just apply to cosmetic surgery, either. Doctors agree that quitting smoking before...Read More >>
Additional Articles
SKN Clinic’s Top 5 Ways to Restore Collagen at HomeAmanda Beisel The team at SKN Clinic has tested and created many skincare products, devices and treatments over the past 8 years and here are our top picks for restoring collagen in the comfort of your home. We are firm believers that if you want to achieve...Read More >>
Something Old, Something New, A Perfect Smile From Me to YouSomething Old, Something New, A Perfect Smile From Me to...Dr. Kelvin MahPicture it—it’s your big day. The day you’ve spent endless days and nights planning. It’s a gathering of everyone important in your life, in celebration of love and harmony. As you lock eyes with your spouse-to-be on your wedding day, they, and all your...Read More >>
Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411Crystal JensenTips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! Beauty Within Your beauty regime is about to get an overhaul! Thanks to the TruMarine™ Collagen supplement, both my nails and hair have become noticeably stronger and my complexion is definitely more vibrant. I love...Read More >>
Women in Business
Women in BusinessWomen in BusinessFresh Vancouver Jessie McGrath It took a call from her doctor warning her that her heart condition could kill her to change McGrath’s health habits. But now, Jessie is a Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Restoration Fitness. After a journey that involved dropping from a...Read More >>
Interview with Nicolette Lang-Andersen Founder of NLA DesignsInterview with Nicolette Lang-Andersen Founder of NLA DesignsCrystal CarsonHaving spent the majority of my styling career dressing real women, from high-profile personalities to the girl next door, the struggle of finding a dress that fits all body types has been real. When I learned that a friend and fellow stylist Nicolette Lang-Andersen was...Read More >>
How To Achieve  and Maintain  Long, Healthy HairHow To Achieve and Maintain Long, Healthy HairKeri Lynne HendryFor years, I thought my hair would never grow past my shoulders. When I was younger I had such long healthy hair. What was the problem? It had everything to do with my hair routine and not having a plan. If you are stuck growing...Read More >>
Beauty & Fashion
Paper DollsPaper DollsFresh VancouverPlay up your personality with a pop of colour Photographed by Erin CrooksMakeup by Holly DeckerHairstylist: Cheryl Regal Wardrobe Designer: Laurie Brown Models: Hannah, Jade, Brianne, AND Jenna (Edge Agency)   blue Azures and ceruleans signify loyalty, wisdom, and truth—but it can also...Read More >>
Ask the WOW LadyChristine AwramFrom Worthless to Woman Of Worth: Empowered Leadership The leadership of women is a diverse topic, and can still bring to mind old-style masculine thinking that includes C words like control, command and clout. This article starts to explore more inspiring, effective and compelling C...Read More >>
How to Actually Accomplish Your Goals This YearHow to Actually Accomplish Your Goals This YearDr. Kelvin Mah I always feel a sense of renewal during the spring season. It’s a reminder for me to set new goals and look for new opportunities—both in my own life and for Smile City Square Dental. Our practice is constantly seeking to improve our facility and...Read More >>