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Feature Article
Cupcakes Are Better With Best FriendsCupcakes Are Better With Best FriendsLiberty CraigCupcakes co-founders Heather White and Lori Joyce dish out their recipe for success, the upcoming launch of Betterwith, and the icing on the cake: being forty. “Friends aren’t friends until they’ve started a business together,” states Cupcakes co-founder Lori Joyce. “It’s the ultimate test.” “In the beginning we drove each other crazy,” agrees partner Heather White. “My mother had to intervene.” To call these two “sisterly” would be giving most sisters too much credit. Lori and Heather finish each other’s sentences. They hash out business ideas in momentary asides while maintaining two other simultaneous conversations. They support, question, tease and ratify one another in a constant stream of discussion, interwoven with witticism and warmth. Their story is familiar to many Vancouverites, thanks in large part to their Gemini award-winning reality TV show, The Cupcake Girls. As best friends growing up in Victoria, they had future plans of starting a business...Read More >>
Additional Articles
Fall into Youthful Skin with the Forever Young BBL Photo-FacialFall into Youthful Skin with the Forever Young BBL Photo-FacialAmanda Beisel Every once in a while a treatment is introduced that takes us one step closer to the fountain of youth. The Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial is a big step in that direction and is one of the most advanced techniques available today to slow down,...Read More >>
Lisa’s Smile Transformation - Rejuvenation Inside and OutLisa’s Smile Transformation - Rejuvenation Inside and OutDr. Kelvin Mah Meeting new people is one of the perks of my job, among many others, but when I get to know more about my patients, I’m often blown away by their stories and how interesting their lives are. It’s so amazing to listen to the hardships...Read More >>
Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411Crystal JensenTips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! All About The Brows Truth be told, great eyebrow shaping really defines the face. I came across the "Brow Master" eyebrow kit from The Face Shop and it's my new BFF. It's great for the...Read More >>
An Interview with Donna GiraudAn Interview with Donna GiraudRoop DosanjhDonna Giraud did not grow up dreaming about being an artist, but her journey to becoming a painter has been a beautiful unravelling of a hidden talent that she says she cannot imagine her life without. Artistic Style... My artistic style is abstract meets atmospheric....Read More >>
Fountain of YouthFountain of YouthFresh VancouverWith fall just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to look and feel your best! Here’s our list of this season’s beauty must-haves. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation A breakthrough for all skin types, Oxygenetix has become one of the most raved-about anti-aging foundations available. The...Read More >>
Stylist MindsetStylist MindsetCrystal CarsonAs we transition into the fall fashion season for 2015, we have to face the reality that there aren’t many things that are truly new anymore because trends are all in the details and silhouettes. The Decade of Inspiration is the 1970s; which means the...Read More >>
Pay attention to your sensitive sidePay attention to your sensitive sideConnie PretulaDiagnosing food sensitivities and allergies Have you ever wondered why your nose runs when you eat certain foods? Do you sometimes experience a sudden warm feeling or hot flash? Have you noticed phlegm in your throat after eating or perhaps the next day? A more...Read More >>
De-Cluttering your Wardrobe for FallDe-Cluttering your Wardrobe for FallKim Appelt There is nothing worse than not being able to find your clothes in your closet when you’re getting dressed. A clean, well-organized wardrobe—instead of a confusing, jumbled mess of clothes and accessories—means you’ll be able to find what you need and pick out outfits on...Read More >>
10 Fitness Tips for Busy ProfessionalsAshleigh McIvor DeMerit1. Get there: The first step is getting there. Whether ‘there’ is your local fitness centre, the Seawall, or the Grouse Grind, the hardest part is often making the time and actually getting yourself there. Make it a date, or have a plan...Read More >>