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The Simplest Anti-Aging Formula that Every Woman Should Use
Written by Tracy Kaye Holly   

curve of a water wave It’s not rocket science. Anti-aging is simply a formula of basic fitness and good health. Take care of your body, and it will look and feel cared for! Sure, you may think you already know it all – but the question is: are you putting it into practice? Following this simple formula will keep your body in tip-top condition, sustainably, for your entire life.

#1: Get Active!

First, get active. Sustaining natural muscle creates a strong immune system and assists in fat loss. The skin on your bones will become tight and toned; you’ll have a natural glow and clear, sparkling eyes. All of this creates a youthful look.

Physical activity not only refreshes and strengthens the body, mind and spirit; it also improves circulation, reduces blood pressure, tones and builds muscle tissue, develops endurance, increases agility and stimulates the internal organs. A well-rounded fitness regimen includes weight training, cardio and stretching. If you do each of these once per week, you’re on the road to agelessness! I was once told by a yoga guru that you are only as young as your spine. Stretch!

#2: Hydrate!

Water is the solution to pollution. Drink at least two litres of filtered water per day to flush out impurities and hydrate the body. Keep your cells well hydrated. This will increase your energy levels and can diminish ailments such as headaches, inflammation and constipation. All in all, you’ll feel lighter and tighter! Make hydration a priority!

#3: Sleep!

Sleep is an anti-aging tonic. During sleep our bodies recover and release growth hormone. GH regenerates every cell and fixes things that are broken.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” - George Bernard Shaw

#4: Eat!

Our bodies need to be nourished many times throughout the day. Think of a newborn baby that eats, sleeps and excretes all day long. This is what we call supplying the biological demand. What happens to us as we age? We get off of our routine and we grow old!

Eat fresh, organic greens such as kale, Swiss chard, spinach, broccoli and leaf lettuce. Why? They neutralize acidic waste and keep the skeletal system strong and pliable. Green plants are loaded with chlorophyll and many essential elements including magnesium and calcium. Strong bones equal freedom of movement and youthfulness.

Protein is the anchor. Our bodies don’t store it, so get small injections of high-quality protein every day, all day, throughout the day. This is a critical habit of good health. Protein feeds muscles and stabilizes the metabolism, which means it helps reduce sweet cravings and can aid in a good night’s sleep. A simple solution is to drink protein shakes using whey isolate, hemp or seed proteins.

#5: Take Your Vitamins!

Start a vitamin and mineral program. Include essential fatty acids (EFAs), herbs and homeopathic remedies. These products heal the body and slow the aging process. Don’t forget vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin.” Vitamin D plays a dual role as both vitamin and hormone. Low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with increased mortality. Many clinicians and physicians now recommend 4,000 IU (100 µg) per day.

#6: Chat with Friends!

Friendships need to be nurtured. Make a quick call to say hi or send an email to let them know they’re in your thoughts. Make a commitment to get together as a group at least once a month to celebrate a special event or have a pot-luck dinner. Think of it as a play date for grownups!

#7: Read a book!

Pick up a book, magazine or newspaper and read at least an article, page or chapter every day. This daily habit can improve your knowledge, memory and general awareness. Reading will also expand your vocabulary and motivate you in many ways. It’s also a great way of keeping up with the times!

#8: Dance!

Take up any style of dancing as a hobby. Dancing provides a pleasant means of obtaining healthy physical activity in a non-smoking, non-alcoholic environment. The heart and lungs receive aerobic stimulation, which improves stamina and endurance. The back muscles become stronger, and the legs, ankles and feet adapt with improved condition. Dancing requires the repetition of specific movement patterns by memory. This is how it stimulates neurogenesis in the brain. You also have to coordinate body movement in time to musical rhythm and sound. Dancing is a full-body toner and creates a positive, youthful mental attitude.

#9: Sing!

Start singing, even if you can’t carry a tune! Singing is an aerobic activity improving oxygen flow and making us more alert. Singing helps us to live in the moment. It allows us to forget about our worries and concentrate fully on one activity.

Tracy Kaye Holly -

Tracy Kaye Holly is a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor and the author of The Athlete's Cookbook, Sports Nutrition for Kids and Simple Strategies for Living Lean and Staying Well. Tracy also teaches Latin, Ballroom and Bollywood dancing, judges and competes from time to time in Masters' level Ms. Fitness and Natural bodybuilding.


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