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Five Ways to Get Slim in 5 Days
Written by Sarah Meanchoff   

Get slim in 5 daysDo you have an event or a special day coming up... that you want to look fantastic for? If you’re gearing up to get into that little black dress but you only have a few days to look your best, you need some sage advice on how to get there – fast.

Because the reality is most drastic weight-loss measures will wreak havoc upon your body and result in irritability, terrible skin, bloating, and ultimately, additional weight gain! Worth it? Probably not.  So let’s have a look at the five little secrets that actually will work to squeeze you into your favourite dress, and have you feeling confident and gorgeous on your big day and beyond.

Secret #1: Clean up your system

The five-day sexy dress makeover is the perfect time to try a light cleanse. A good cleanse can help you detoxify and re-energize, which will help you look and feel fresh and radiant for your event. More than that, a cleanse can help reduce bloating, flush out water weight, and combat constipation. Most cleanses will help you drop a few pounds, too.

But be warned: not all cleanses are created equal. There are some products on the market today that do very little to help flush out your system, while others are so harsh that you will not be able to leave the bathroom for days!

Make sure that your cleanse includes quality ingredients. Generally, the best cleanse programs are a little more expensive (upwards of $50) – but the price is worth it to get an effective product that’s not simply a giant laxative or fasting program.

Secret #2: Cut the carbs

As a general rule of dietary health, you should always try to avoid processed foods, white flour, sugar, and anything fried. These rules should be applied stringently in your 5-day race to fit your favourite dress.

The best way to thin out quickly is to avoid eating simple carbohydrates – white breads, crackers, cookies, etc. By eating only small quantities of whole grains with a healthy balance of lean protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can see dramatic results very quickly.

Diets like “The Zone” and “South Beach” offer good advice on how to make delicious meals without the extra carbs. Some of these diets are more diehard than others – you’ll need to decide for yourself what you’re comfortable with.

Secret #3: Can anyone say “Spanx?”

Let’s be honest. Even when we’re feeling slim, there are sometimes a few little lumps and bumps under our clothes that we’d rather not display. And while girdles are now generally considered torture devices relegated to a bygone era (thankfully), we do have some trussing options available to us that are modern, comfortable, and sometimes even sexy!

A number of lingerie manufacturers have begun producing tummy-control underwear; shorts that firm up tummy, bum, and thighs; and many varieties of longer length control wear that can reach from your knees to your bra strap (or even shoulder to ankle!) for a smooth, sleek silhouette. If you get the right fit, you will be amazed at how well the perfect support garment will transform your body.

Secret #4: Glug, glug, glug

It may not be the world’s best-kept secret, but it’s one that far too many of us have trouble following through on: drinking enough water. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water per day will help ward off the bloating effects of constipation. Increasing your water intake will also flush out any excess sodium in your system – and the resulting bloating caused by water retention. Water will also improve the look of your skin.  By drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your event, you can ensure that you have plump, dewy skin – and a flat, sexy stomach.

Secret #5: Listen to your mother

What has your mother been telling you all these years? “Stand up straight!” Well, now’s the time to listen. When you throw your shoulders back, stack your vertebrae, draw your chin in, and stick your hips forward, you instantly look taller, leaner, and considerably more confident. Those lumps and bumps will naturally disappear and your clothes will fit you better.

This is a great trick to practice every day, but we often forget ourselves as we hunch in front of our computers for hours on end. Practice good posture for poise and elegance, and feel great.

So there you have it – five secrets to slimming down in just five days. While some of these tricks can be applied to your daily life as well, sometimes we all need the emergency intervention of a few simple tricks that will have us looking great at that big event and in that special outfit.

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