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Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   

Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Beauty Within

Your beauty regime is about to get an overhaul! Thanks to the TruMarine™ Collagen supplement, both my nails and hair have become noticeably stronger and my complexion is definitely more vibrant. I love how easily it mixed into my favourite beverage (hot or cold). And for the movers and shakers of this world, there are convenient stick packs to replenish on-the-go! TruMarine makes sure your beauty is covered 24/7. Get your whole body boost at


TruMarine Collagen

Move It

The “De-Constructed Move It” Manipulating Gel from Garnier Fructis has me moving in all sorts of directions. This cream-gel gives my style the perfect amount of hold, while still allowing tons of movement. There is no tacky feel and the black fig leaves a scrumptious scent. A real winner for us short-haired gals. Grab yours today at or

tube of Move It

What’s the Hold-Up?

A hairspray that helps maintain a healthy scalp... what? That’s exactly what you get with NIOXIN “Niospray” regular hold hairspray. Not only does it add volume to my strands, it’s easy to brush out, making it workable for hair that needs to be styled and restyled! A perfect companion for runways, walkways and flyaways. Create your style at

Nioxin hairspray

Deep Down Clean

There is just something that I love about a great face wash that makes my skin shout for joy. The new “Baking Soda” Pore Cleanser from Biore works double-duty, giving me a squeaky clean canvas with a little exfoliation thrown in. I am obsessing about the scent; something about it reminds me of a mineral spa. Oh, and it’s a great makeup remover too! Let’s be clear with

bottle of Biore

Brazilian Bronzed

Stop. Now wait a minute— are you telling me there is a face tanner that doesn’t leave streaks and gives instant colour? Why yes, that’s exactly what I am telling you! St. Tropez “Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil” is super lightweight, not oily, and does not block your pores. Awesome for some spring time glow. Bronze it up at or

bottle of St Tropez
Crystal Jensen -

Vancouver beauty blogger Crystal Jensen offers “buzz” on her favourite picks and best beauty secrets! More info can be found on her website at


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Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411
Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! Roll...
Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411
Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! Face...