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The Whys Behind the Dos and Don'ts: Breast Augmentation
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

There are more than a few "dos and donts" of breast augmentation out there, both online and in your surgeon's office. These tips and guidelines are generally universal, but many people aren't sure why they matter.

DO stop smoking at least 2 months before surgery.


Besides the obvious effects on your lungs and respiratory function, smoking affects other systems of your body, as well. Nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes increase blood pressure and make it more difficult for your blood vessels to transfer oxygen to your organs. Using tobacco products thickens blood and increases the risk of blood clots; it also undermines your immune system and makes you more susceptible to post-surgical infections.


Surgeons generally recommend quitting smoking for at least 2 months before surgery — but the sooner you can stop, the better. (This doesn't just apply to cosmetic surgery, either. Doctors agree that quitting smoking before any planned procedure has countless health benefits.)


DO sleep on your back for at least 1 week after surgery.


During the initial healing process, breast implants are still somewhat mobile. As the incisions heal and the breast capsule develops around them, they need to be stabilized as much as possible to settle nicely into their intended positions.

Sleeping on your back, rather than your side or stomach, is a simple way to make sure your implants end up exactly where they're supposed to. Plus, keeping pressure off of your breasts will help you feel more comfortable, too.


DON'T fixate on a particular cup size.


Like dress sizes, cup sizes can fluctuate significantly between garment manufacturers — so one company's 34A can be another company's 32B. While it's good to have a mental image of your ideal results, it's not as helpful to your surgeon to insist on a specific cup size. Your surgeon's job is to steer you toward a size that will best match your proportions, not a size that's dictated by a bra.


During your consultation, you'll look at before-and-after photos and talk candidly with your surgeon about your goals. During the planning process, your likely result will become much clearer.


DO have plenty of button-down shirts on hand


After surgery, it's important to avoid heavy lifting, bending, and other movement


s that can hurt your incisions or your new implants. One of the movements you perform every day that should really be avoided is lifting your arms over your head to put on a shirt.

Tops that button in the front — or, even better, tops that wrap — will be your best friends while you recuperate at home, and you'll also be pleasantly surprised by how well you fill them out.


DON'T assume the results you see right after surgery will be permanent.


Breast implants take some time to assume their permanent positions. This settling process is sometimes called "dropping" by patients and surgeons alike. According to Dr. Peter Lennox, who performs breast augmentation in Vancouver, the process is gradual and generally makes a big difference in the appearance of the breasts.

Immediately after surgery, your implants will likely sit rather high on your chest and have a swollen look to them. This is completely normal and simply a product of new volume where there was previously none. Over the weeks and months following your breast augmentation, your implants will drop a bit to a more natural-looking placement on the chest and soften as your skin expands to house them.


Dr. Peter Lennox
1000-777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z4J7, Canada
(604) 876-6552

10 Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals
Written by Ashleigh McIvor DeMerit   

1. Get there:

The first step is getting there. Whether ‘there’ is your local fitness centre, the Seawall, or the Grouse Grind, the hardest part is often making the time and actually getting yourself there. Make it a date, or have a plan with a friend to go. If honouring your commitment to someone else is the only thing that will actually get you there, pat yourself on the back for figuring that out, and then ease into it by doing something like hopping on a stationary bike to muster the motivation up to dive into whatever exercise your heart desires at that point. Once that heart is pumping, it will likely desire a really good workout!

2. Fitness tips:

If you aren’t sure where to start in the gym, watch my weekly fitness tips on Global’s noon news. Archived segments can be found here:

3. Circuit training:

If you are short on time, circuit training is a great way to get a full-body workout in, efficiently. Orange Theory Fitness ( is the best place to go if you’re interested in a guided, fun, high-energy routine that only takes one hour, and is different every time. Circuit training typically includes a set amount of time, maybe a minute or two, doing each exercise as opposed to trying to complete a certain number of repetitions, and going straight from one exercise into the next. (Think: 1 min of lunges, 1 min of bicep curls, 1 min of squats, straight into 1 min of cable row, some jumps, and then rest.) If you get creative, you can do it pretty much anywhere, but I prefer to do it at the Club 16 Fitness Centre I go to because I like mixing free weights and cable/pulley equipment into my routine. They actually have a red light/green light system, and equipment specifically placed in a Roc-It circuit formation to help with self-led circuit training. The beauty of circuit training is that no time is wasted. You are continuously switching between muscles groups, so that you are resting your upper body while your lower body is doing the work, and vice-versa. All this while maintaining a high enough heart rate to burn fat and boost metabolism, even after your workout ends.

4. Mini-workouts all day:

Fit mini-workouts in everywhere you go. Park just a bit further away (maybe at a cheaper lot?). Take the stairs, instead of the elevator. Remember to style your hair accordingly – some ‘dos’ improve with a little sweat, some do NOT.

5. Set realistic goals:

You don’t need to go straight to everyday workouts off the couch. Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness ( and the affiliated ladies-only fitness centres, She’s Fit (, offer memberships at $14.99/month! Even if holding that membership just gets you to do one proper workout at your local fitness centre each week, or once every two weeks, that’s still good value. Chances are, if you set achievable goals like that, once you get into the swing of things, ramping it up will be easy.

6. Mix it up:

Aim to go for more walks or light jogs, with your once-a-week gym routine and other fun activities like hiking, biking, tennis, soccer or swimming mixed into your workout regime. Then it doesn’t feel like any single exercise has taken your life over.

7. Find friends who are into healthy living and fitness:

If your regular crew doesn’t play a role in motivating you to get fit or stay fit, put some energy into becoming friends with those who do. Hint: you’ll find them doing all of the activities discussed here.

8. Turn your daily commute into your daily exercise:

Invest in a bike. It’s incredible how liberating it is to feel the wind in your hair twice a day, and with the speeds you can travel on a bike, that wind is like a built-in cooling system so you don’t show up to work all sweaty. Those bike lanes in Vancouver are amazing. It’s often faster to bike than it is to deal with traffic and parking.

9. Go see a physiotherapist:

Even if it’s just once, it’s important to establish a set of stretches and exercises that you should work on daily to improve posture or any other aches and pains that have developed over the years. I do my physio exercises (almost) every day, whenever I have a spare minute or two. Sometimes in line at Starbucks. Yes, I get some funny looks.

10. Plan your days off around fun, adventurous activities that are so exciting they don’t even feel like workouts:

I am much happier running through a forest than I am running down a street inhaling car exhaust. This is the most gorgeous place to live in the whole world. Get out there and #exploreBC! Hiking or biking to a spectacular mountain lake to camp for the night doesn’t even feel like fitness work when you are able to focus on the scenery.

Bonus Tip:

Dance! Nightclubs aren’t just for unhealthy party animals – and sometimes the middle of the night is the best time to fit a good workout in. I’d bet you’d be amazed by how quickly you become comfortable dancing without alcohol, if you just give it a try. (An easy way to force that realization is to just get pregnant!) ;)

Blissology Earth Body, Yoga Core Workout
Written by Eoin Finn   


"There is a still place within, a source of infinite joy, love and bliss. When we are in touch with this place life ceases to be merely about us and we feel deeply connected to the well-being of our body/mind, our personal relationships, our community and Nature. Blissology is about deepening our awareness of this place so we can be a positive force in the world.

Whether I am teaching in India, North America or around the world, people always tell me, “I am just too inflexible to do yoga.” I always tell them that saying you are too inflexible to do yoga is like saying you are to dirty to have a shower. It’s a perfect reason for doing it. What most people don’t realize is that one of the many of benefits of yoga is that it develops a body that is strong and not just flexible.

This is the “Core strengthening” section from my new DVD and iTunes download Earth, Body, Yoga. It will get you stronger and looser so dive in and get ready to feel and look your best.

6.1a Navasana: Balancing on your sit bones, lean back and lift both legs while pressing out with the feet.

6.1b,2a Eka Pada Navasana: Inhale; draw the right knee into the chest; exhale; straighten it. Inhale; bend the left leg; exhale; straighten it. Repeat 2 or 3 times with the breath and movement synchronized.

6.2b Parivrtta Navasana: From Navasana, lean your weight onto the right hip. Inhale; draw the heels and knees into the body and exhale; press the legs right. Do 3 sets on one side then switch to the left hip and do three more sets.

6.5 Bakasana: Come into a squat, preparing for Bakasana. Bring the knees into the armpits, with the elbows slightly bent. Lift the hips higher than the head and lean the body weight forward so the weight of the head lifts the hips up. Squeeze the arms together and straighten them. Enjoy!

6.6 Plank: Spring back into Plank pose. The key is to not let the belly sag and the back arch. Inhale; keep the arms straight and exhale; come into chaturanga (6.7 ) or push up position. Repeat three times slowly with the breath.

6.7 Chaturanga:

6.8 a,b,c Vashistasana Press back into Downward Dog and then turn to the right, keeping both feet stacked on top of each other. Either lift the left arm up (6.8 b) or try the more advanced variation holding the right big toe and pressing the legs straight (6.8 c). Repeat on the other side.

6.9, Lunge: Come into Downward Dog and step the right foot between the hands. Bring the forearms to the floor and stretch the hamstring muscles for 45 seconds. Then, step back into forearm plank and repeat on the opposite leg.

6.10,12,14 Forearm Plank: Keep the forearms on the floor pressing heels and the head in opposite directions.

6.11,13 Cat Burglar: On an inhalation draw the right knee into the right armpit and exhale; come back to forearm plank, Inhale draw the left knee into the left armpit and repeat one more time on each side.

6.15 Dolphin Pose: Keep the forearms on the floor, walk the feet into the elbows and press the chest towards the feet. This is a great chest and calf muscle stretch. The press up into downward dog.

6.16 a) Tittibhasana Prep Spring the feet around the hands. Reach the arms back so the palms are shoulder width distance apart. Bend the elbows so the back of the upper arms become a shelf for the legs to sit on. Keep the weight of the head forward so you don’t fall backwards.

6.16 b) For the full pose, first of all, smile! These poses go better if you are having fun. Start to straighten through the legs, slightly hugging the legs into the shoulders. Maybe the legs don’t straighten right away, but a thousand mile journey starts with the first step! Try springing back to Downward Dog. Nice one! You are getting stronger, looser, more calm and connected to your joy body.

Beauty Treatments from Around the World
Written by Cadi Jordan   


photo of woman from different area of the world

Beauty treatments come in many different forms, especially when it comes to traveling the world. Some of these treatments may seem mysterious and a bit odd, but nonetheless they have their purposes. Most of these treatments make use of the native plants and materials that are found in each country and have been around for centuries. Some of the methods are so popular they have caught on in other areas of the world or are added to beauty products. Here I share with you a journey around the world in the land of beauty treatments.


Vietnam, Japan and Asia - Many have heard of the fish that eat the dead skin off your feet. This is a beauty ritual and treatment that is done in many Asian countries. Individuals put their feet in the water and small fish nibble the dead skin off leaving the new and clean skin underneath. This beauty treatment has been featured on TV shows including Oprah, several news shows, and most recently on The Bachelor.


photo of woman from different area of the world

Japan is also known for their use of nori, which is seaweed. Nori contains iodine, which is something that is consumed internally and used in vitamins that give Japanese women the long lustrous locks that we often see. The Japanese have also become well known for bird dropping facial masks to help individuals remove skin from their face. The mask of the nightingale containing nightingale droppings is very well known in Japan and may be found at many beauty salons throughout the region. I’m not sure you could get me to try this one!


If you prefer, the Japanese have added a red wine pool to a local resort menu. It can reverse the signs of sun damage and firm the skin, so they claim. After all, grapes are also an antioxidant! A giant bottle keeps the pool refreshed throughout the day.

Japan is also known for the fire facial. Towels are soaked in alcohol and their homemade concoctions, applied to the body and then set on fire. Or you may choose to keep your youthful skin with a 24-karat gold facial treatment Claims are that it will boost cell renewal and is also an antioxidant!


photo of woman from different area of the world

Russia has an interesting spa treatment where individuals hit their skin with dried branches from the white birch, oak or eucalyptus trees. This is said to stimulate the circulatory system and is followed by a sauna and massage. The treatment dates back to the early 1900’s.


Much like the Russians, Europe, Ukraine and Macedonia use banyas that exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Birch branches are used to increase sweat and circulation. This is a longstanding tradition among European Jews. The use of felt hats is also part of this beauty treatment to protect the head from the intense heat. Really?

The Chinese first adopted hot stone massage as therapy. This is something that gave relief to individuals suffering from a variety of maladies and has been incorporated in spas throughout the world. Those who have used these treatments, including the Hawaiians and the native Americans, have sworn about the relaxing effects of hot stone massage for years. Hot stones are placed on various pressure points on the body for a relaxing effect and treatments now incorporate the use of cold stones for circulatory benefits as well.

Chilean women use the antioxidants in red grapes as a beauty treatment that gives antioxidant support to the skin. Specifically it is the properties of the red grapes that are used for maximum results. Chilean’s make a paste of red grapes along with two tablespoons of flour and apply it to the face. Today in our western culture, the antioxidant properties of red grapes are found in many main stream skincare lines.


photo of woman from different area of the world

Italy has long used olive oil and yogurt applied to the hair and thoroughly washed out to give hair a beautiful sheen and shine. Olive oil as a conditioner is used by many Mediterranean cultures and seems to be something has been giving a sheen to women’s hair for years.

Stimulate your metabolism and boost immunity the Italian way. This treatment consists of being wrapped in hay and soaking in a hot water bed. And we thought hay was for horses!

In the Dominican Republic, the use of garlic is something well known to keep nails strong. The secret is to chop up some garlic and let it stew for a few days. Then add the garlic juice to a bottle of clear nail polish and have a polish that will keep nails strong and healthy for days and weeks to come. I can’t imagine the smell!

Swedish women attribute their healthy and glowing skin to consumption of plenty of healthy antioxidant-bearing fish and berries. The berries are full of antioxidants and can help to bring a healthy glow to skin all year round. Many people admire the fresh faces and the glowing skin of the Swedes who also seem to have the most beautiful skin. The Swedes, interestingly enough, also use saunas that are used to rid the body of toxins. The heat gets down to the core and sweating brings out the toxins. To get the effect of a sauna at home, individuals recommend using a handful of rock salts, adding a dash of olive oil and approximately 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. This mixture can be rubbed all over your body and then finish with cold water. This is one way you can mimic the effects of a Swedish sauna at home. The Swedes are also famous for their Swedish or deep tissue massage technique that is found in spas, wellness centers and health clubs all over the world.

Women in France are known to take meticulous care of their skin all year long, which means many facials. Mashed cherries and pomegranate seeds are used for at-home facial treatments that began in ancient times. Again, these are naturally derived from foods that are known to be high in antioxidants.

In Greece, women eat a maritime diet that is high in omega 3 oils. Their diet nourishes the skin and makes the skin less likely to look dried out. They also use effective sunscreens to protect them from the damaging rays of the sun. These are some of the things they use as part of their beauty rituals. They also say that their high use of olive oil keeps their skin smooth and less likely to show wrinkles.

Ayurveda is from India and is an ancient philosophy of living based on your body constitution, or what they call your dosha. Many different herbs, oils and plants are used for a variety of health-based treatments based on what your body needs. Ayurveda has been implemented in spa treatments throughout North America.

Australia is famous for it’s paw paw treatment made from the paw paw bush, which is a great treatment that can be used to heal sunburn, rashes and cracked lips. It is one that has been used for centuries and is a staple in many Australian creams, lotions and gels. It allows individuals to use natural ingredients to heal skin issues and blemishes. Another secret of the Aussies is to use yarrow root. Yarrow root can prevent stretch marks and has many moisturizing and hydrating properties. It is a used as an anti-inflammatory, which can help to calm the skin of facial breakouts, redness or other issues that may be affecting it.

The use of milk baths in Egypt has been around since the time of Cleopatra. They are said to make the skin smooth and white. According to tradition, simply two cups of powered milk added to a bath at night can make skin soft, smooth, manageable and soft. This is one treatment that is often recommended for skin and has been adopted into many cultures for a ‘milk bath’ treatment inclusive of essential oils.

In South America, all parts of the avocado are used for beauty treatments. Avocado is high in fat, oil and vitamin E. Virtually all parts of the avocado can be used for skin and hair treatments. This is one treatment that has been used consistently for years. Simply mash the avocado and apply to the area of the body or the hair that you wish to treat. In more western cultures, avocado oil is an ingredient for skincare products.

Moroccan argan oil is something that has gotten a great deal of positive press lately as being one of the best conditioners you can use for hair, but the people of Northern Africa, and particularly Morocco, where this is harvested, make Moroccan argan oil a great beauty treatment for hair.

Spanish women rinse their hair with cranberry juice to bring out natural highlights. This works great on brunettes. Simply add onequarter cup of cranberry juice to hair when washing it. Then rinse. It brings out a natural color and adds sheen to the hair. Blondes may not want to use this method, however, as it can turn their hair pink. Olive oil, as you would expect, has been used for generations in Spain. It is used for its natural sheen and is a great and inexpensive conditioner for hair.

Spa treatments in Turkey include taking a dip in a gigantic hot tub! Only after the bathing is complete does an individual get a massage. Saunas may also be a part of this treatment and may or may not include a massage after.

Anyone up for a tattoo? Or should I say, Tittoo? This technique is not for the faint of heart and has been sweeping the UK. Local anesthetic is required and yes... it is a tattoo to darken the nipple area. Or if you prefer, in London, you add organic bull sperm to your hair treatment to help repair and hydrate for shiny locks?

Are you stressed? You can always unwind with a snake massage from Indonesia. If getting up close and personal with a python can’t get you into a full state of relaxation I don’t know what will? This is definitely a unique treatment that provides an adrenalin rush like no other. Indonesia is dishing out other treatments such as beer bath massage and massages by practitioners dressed in gorilla suits. Not sure how that converts to a beauty treatment!

West African’s enjoy the use of shea butter, which is now incorporated into many western products. It has been used in Africa for years as an anti-wrinkle treatment. This particular product also softens skin and smoothes it.

Israeli women living in the areas along the Dead Sea have long used the mud to make a facial mask. They apply this to the face to strip away impurities from the body when it is washed off. Dead Sea salts are also said to be beneficial for the skin. They also use non-venomous snakes for massage treatment.

No matter how we look at it, women around the world love their beauty treatments. Some the western culture has adopted and some we may choose to leave behind. Which treatments would you rather take on as part of your regimen?

Written by Curtis Hunter   

man shaving his face

Manscaping – a term used to define male grooming above and below the belt; a fine art form exclusive to men; the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal as they pertain to the male body.

People have always been a little shy when it comes to talking about male grooming, but I'm here to set the record straight about the art of manscaping both upstairs, and down. It should not be intimidating, or scary, and with a few simple do's and don'ts on the subject, things will seem a lot less fuzzy... so to speak.

Manscaping Do's

Let's start above the belt...

Get a haircut, buddy!

Getting regular cuts with your hairstylist can lessen the amount of effort you have to put into your manscaping. I recommend getting a full cut every 4-6 weeks. If you are a little extra hairy, I suggest stopping in every 2-3 weeks for a neck trim. A good stylist should be able to clean up that neck beard (it's there, even if you can't see it), trim your ear hairs, and even groom those stray eyebrow hairs. Trust me, if I can see them, everyone can too. Your stylist can also give you great tips on how to maintain your look at home, and advise you on the correct products to use. Your stylist can also help you achieve the perfect beard shape for your face. Knowing how to balance your facial hair with your overall personal look can really tie everything together. For example, an unkempt beard may be balanced with a slick polished hairstyle, or a clean, button-down shirt.

Buy the right tools!

Make sure to buy the right tool for the job. In order to properly shape or get rid of unwanted hair, investing in the right tools can make all the difference. A disposable razor and shaving cream just won't cut it. Invest in a quality electric trimmer (my personal favorite is the Braun Series 7), a good set of tweezers from Tweezerman, a Panasonic nose hair trimmer, and perhaps a small pair of scissors.

Trim your chest!

No one needs to see hair creeping over your shirt collar, or poking between your buttons. Use your electric trimmer to shorten the hair to your personal preference. Remember to start with a longer guard attachment because you can always go shorter. The point is to manage the hair, not to completely remove it... unless the hair is on your back. Then you have full permission to completely remove it, permanently, with laser hair removal.

Manscaping Don'ts

Don't over do it!

When it comes to male grooming, remember that less is more. You are, after all, a man. Men have hair. Resist the urge to overly shape your brows. This is a big no-no. Tweezing those random, unruly hairs is perfectly fine, but anything beyond that should be dealt with by a trusted professional, and you should proceed with caution.

Don't use at-home waxes or creams!

This is not the time for DIY. Stick with what you know. More often than not, at-home waxes and hair removal creams will create more of a mess, and can actually leave you with some nasty rashes, or burns.  Men's hair is typically coarser and stronger than women's hair, so if you do need to have waxing services done, please save yourself the trouble and have things professionally waxed. Back hair and shoulder hair can easily be removed with minimal pain and suffering if done properly by a pro.

Don't go bare, down there!

Remember, the art of manscaping is about controlling and shaping one's hair. Don't shave any harsh lines into your body hair. An artificial boundary of where your hair begins and where it ends is not going to fool anyone. Keep things tidy and make your efforts look natural. Be sure to make good use of the guard attachments on your trimmer, and you should have no trouble at all. Unless you are a swimmer or a stripper, most people will agree that removing everything just makes you look a little too naked.

These are all just guidelines, and everyone will find their personal preference and comfort levels when it comes to manscaping. Including manscaping as part of your overall hygiene routine can help you look and feel your best. You could even enlist the help of your partner and get their opinions on your manscaping. We all have preferences, and it might be nice to know what your partner prefers. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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