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Anita Saulite,


Anita Saulite runs a financial and management consulting company, providing individuals, business and financial services clients with a range of solutions including strategy development, loyalty driving programs, thought leadership and insightful research facts on relevant issues, and skill-based learning programs. Anita Saulite is also the author of the Amazon best seller The Savvy Money Gal: 6 Savvy Money Strategies for Successful Women available globally.  Her book promotes empowered choice and helps women to break bad money habits by gaining clarity and confidence.  Anita teaches how to navigate change and get on the road to financial success. For 20 years Anita worked in senior positions at major financial institutions in Toronto Canada, has Board of Director experience and has worked as a guest speaker for the City of Calgary, and been featured on CTV’s Pattie Lovett-Reid Show, Global BC1 News and Huffington Post.

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